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Title (ENGLISH): Yarn package dyeing unit LLORIS BELLINI & NOSEDA
Ordre prioritat: 1
Vendido: No
Código: MD9011
Foto 1:
Foto 2:
Foto 3:
Sector: Tintorería
Sector (ENGLISH): Dyeing
Tipo de maquina: Autoclave bobina
Type of machine: Package dyeing
Ancho / Capacidad: 1320
Año: 1999
Máquinas relacionadas: Autoclave CAVISA de tintura para 2 bobinas , Autoclave vertical ATYC tipo Superflux 1400 ( 1.500 kg)
Description (ENGLISH):

2x 600 kg       LORIS BELLINI RBNO 1800/2000, year 1999.
2 High Pressure horizontal autoclaves for yarn package
They can work together with capacity until 1.200 kg. or separately with adjustable capacities from 300 to 600 kg.

1x 120 kg       NOSEDA TFAS 1020/2000, year 2004.
HP vertical autoclave for yarn package, capacity from 50 to 120 kg.

1 x   LORIS BELLINI HCVC 6/1320, year 1999.
Centrifugal hydro extractor for yarn package mechanical load and unload, capacity 6 spindles- 1.320 mm. height.

1x    GALVANIN, year 2000.
Hot air dryer steam heated, loading capacity 4.
Capacity 4 trolleys x 20 spindles, total 120 spindles

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Línia Indigo MASTER tipo SLASHER con LOOPDYE system. Incluidos 2 urdidores directos para plegadores primarios y 1.400 husos de bobinadoras .

Title (ENGLISH): MASTER SLASHER Indigo line with LOOPDYE, with 2 direct warpers for primary beams and 1.400 yarn winding positions ( for indigo yarn packages).
Ordre prioritat: 3
Vendido: Si
Código: UN9100
Foto 1:
Foto 2:
Foto 3:
Sector: Plantas completas
Sector (ENGLISH): Complete units
Tipo de maquina: Tintura INDIGO
Type of machine: INDIGO dyeing line
Ancho / Capacidad: 1,800-2,400
Año: 1990
Description (ENGLISH):

MASTER Indigo line SLASHER type with LOOPDYE system.
The most relevant feature of this line is that it offers two alternative outputs
1) By means of SUCKER MULLER sizing machine for loom beams, maximum width 3,400 mm. (normally used for 2,200 mm working width beams.)
2) By means of winding intermediate beams, these beams will allow to unwarp and make indigo cones (destination for knitwear).
The line comes complete with two direct warpers ENOVA and BENNINGER for the preparation of primary beams.
It also comes with 4 unwarpers to ELITEX winding machines (1,400 spindles).

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